Comfort Eating Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating

How Can Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating Help You?

Comfort Eating is something that we learn to do from an extremely young age. How many times were you rewarded with sweets of foods when you had done something that was considered good by your family? If you had fallen over and hurt yourself were you given a treat to take your mind off the pain? Food in these circumstances made you feel good about yourself or helped you take your mind off a problem, so it not therefore a shock to find that we want to carry on these habits into our adulthood. Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating determines the root cause of your problem and works with you to change those habits so that you can begin to lose weight.

Comfort eating is a learned behaviour and as adults we use food to make ourselves feel better almost every day. Just some of the reasons why we comfort eat are outlined below:

  • Work Stress – So we eat something nice to forget about those problems for a short time.
  • Relationship Issues – You have had an argument with your partner so your turn to food to make yourself feel better.
  • Illness – You are ill at home so you treat yourself to some nice food to make yourself feel better
  • Reward – It has been a long busy week and you feel you deserve that takeaway for getting through it.
  • Lack of Confidence – Perhaps you are worried about a presentation you have to make so you eat something sweet to take your mind off it.
  • Boredom – You are alone in the house and you feel there is nothing to do so you eat something to occupy yourself for a short time.

Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating works with you to identify your triggers and then helps you to take back control once again.


What Happens When you Comfort Eat?

Weight gain is of course the number one problem when you comfort eat. People do not choose to comfort themselves with salad and vegetables instead they choose biscuits, cakes, crisps, takeaways and high fat foods. The more of those treats you give yourself to feel better the more the pounds will begin to pile on. Of course this makes your problem worse because your weight makes you feel terrible so you eat even more to try and feel better. Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating helps you to break this cycle and gives you the tools so that you can choose better alternative behaviours.

Hypnotherapy for Comfort Eating

When we use Hypnosis to deal with Comfort Eating we work with you to firstly identify the triggers that are making you eat too much. Once these are known we can help you to break the association of comfort that you have with these foods. In some cases we may even use aversion therapy to make those foods have a new association but with something that you dislike. We can also help to build your confidence and self esteem again as well as boost your motivation so that you choose healthier ways of dealing with your problems.

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