Stop Emotional Eating Hypnosis MP3

The Emotional Eating Hypnosis MP3 enables you to utilise self-hypnosis to let go of emotional issue that may be creating you to turn to food to bury your feelings and/or emotions.

Stop Emotional Eating Hypnosis MP3 In this Weight Loss hypnosis MP3 download you will be given subconscious suggestions, which can assist you in indentifying and releasing what has been creating your emotional eating triggers.
You can easily, comfortably and permanently change your behaviours to achieve your weight loss goals:
  • Stop yo-yo dieting
  • Stop eating when you are 2/3 full
  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Increase your motivation to exercise
  • Eat healthy and nutritious foods
  • Reject and ignore unhealthy fatty and sugary foods
  • Deal with emotions without eating
  • Reduce stress

Order your life changing copy now! $12.95

The Stop Emotional Eating  has two tracks, an introduction and hypnosis track please listen to both tracks initially and then after that, you can go directly to track 2 which is the hypnosis track.


“I bought your Emotional Eating Hypnosis MP3 and I am amazed how motivated and peaceful I feel and I have already lost 6 kilos in three weeks without even trying.   I am not having any cravings for sugar or junk food either.    I am also able to leave food on my plate where as before no matter how full I was I would just keep eating until the plate was clean.    Thanks for this wonderful recording.”  

Ronald Jensen, Wellington

” It is really hard to explain in words how different I feel, before I never really believed I would be able to lose weight and keep it off.     I am now actually looking forward to getting to my goal weight and I feel safe and comfortable with the idea (I am not really sure what this all means, but I can just feel this confidence within me.   Thank you for a great recording.”   

Dianne B.   Sydney

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