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WARNING:   If you have ever been diagnosed with epilepsy, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar or any other mental health issue, please consult with your medical professional to see if hypnosis is right for you.

For best results use headphones.   Do not use while driving or operating machinery.   If you are experiencing any problems on this website please send a detailed message via the Contact Page.

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Test Book
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Stop Emotional Eating Hypnosis MP3
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Sessions Pricing and information

When selecting a hypnotherapist it is important that you feel comfortable with the therapist.

It would also be worthwhile for you to consider using a hypnotherapist that is registered with an Association (Australian Hypnotherapy Association) that insures that the practitioner has attended in-depth training and has a blue card or police check prior to being accepted by the Association.

The cost of hypnosis varies between hypnotherapists. The average pricing per session could be between $110 to $250 per session. Some hypnotherapist also have package deals.

Keep in mind when choosing your hypnotherapist, that cost is not always an indicator of how successful a hypnotherapist is. Some hypnotherapists prefer to keep their costs down to encourage clients to return for further sessions, which is often essential to obtain a permanent change. Other hypnotherapists charge more per session but give discounts for booking a certain amount in advance. The prices hypnotherapists charge also depends on their overheads (i.e. rent of offices, advertising etc).

The effectiveness of your hypnotherapy sessions are dependent on the motivation and you wanting to bring about change in your life. It is about how much do you want to change, what is no longer working for you.


Session Pricing

NOTE: Some private health funds offer rebates on hypnotherapy and/or lifestyle change programs. Your extras policy will have all the details.

Single Session $185
Four Session Package $620 Save $120
Six Session Package $840 Save $270



Sessions can be between 1  – 2 hours depending on the complexity of the issue.

To purchase a single session – $185


To purchase 4 sessions – $620


To purchase 6 sessions – $840



Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions are available these sessions break through to the core issues and use a very powerful process of release work that results in powerful changes in ones life.

  • The sessions can go from anywhere from 21/2  hours – 3 hours.
  • The process uses some of the most powerful tools available for change. The may involve, regression hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique , as well as others.
  • Be prepared for amazing changes and results.

Investment: $395


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