So you want to know if hypnosis works!

So you want to know if hypnosis works!



Many people think that hypnosis is just a role play performed by actors or stage hypnotists who uses a swinging pocket watch and says those famous words: “you’re feeling very sleepy, you’re eyelids are getting heavy” and after that he says: “at my command, you will act like a rock star”. And that’s the moment when the audience start to laugh at the guy or woman who’s acting out the hypnotist’s commands.  A hypnotherapy session with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist could not be further from the truth.   The hypnotherapist’s goal is to work with your subconscious mind to help you resolve what is creating the behavior or belief that is affecting your life, such as overcoming certain fears, phobias, confidence issues, bad habits, addictions and pain etc.


I’ll tell you what hypnosis is about, and what it is not about.


Have you ever been so focused on something that everything around you seems to disappear? When you are watching a really good movie, playing video-games or so focused on a task’, that you have blocked everything else out, you are actually in a hypnotic moment because you’re lost, you wouldn’t even be able to hear someone calling your name.

Hypnosis uses relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to assist people to get to a strong state of awareness; in other words a hypnotic trance.


And what happens next? Well, the clinical hypnotherapist (not a stage hypnotist) can use this mental state to help people respond to suggestions and/or resolve underlying feelings or events and thereby helping them to change certain behaviors, phobias, fears or treat pain, etc.


Professionals in this field say that hypnosis does not cause people to lose their will, neither erase their memories because this is not a brainwashing session. On the contrary, hypnosis allows people to be highly attentive and able to respond to suggestions and resolve issues at the core.    That’s why it is helpful.


This is the way hypnosis works, and works even for famous people. Matt Damon, a Hollywood actor, announced in public that hypnosis had been the best decision he had made in his entire life.


Nonetheless, there are also situations and conditions in which hypnosis must not be used, without a referral from your psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor.  If you have any psychological disorder or mental condition or injury, a referral from your treating practitioner is a must.


Hypnosis is not considered to be dangerous since it is not a mind control procedure, and this is why it can’t be used to make people do embarrassing things against their will.   So it makes one wonder if at some level the people participating in the stage hypnosis’s show wants to make people laugh and be the center of attention, even if it is for a short period of time.


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