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Sport people test their body to the limit. Everyday training has consequences: injuries, fractures, pain! To be a sportsman involves preparation, both physically and psychologically.  The psychological preparation is as important as the physical. If sports people are looking at improving their performance the psychological aspects can not be neglected.

The power of the mind executed through hypnosis can help not only to reduce injury pain and recovery rate; but also helps the athlete to improve his technique, style, speed and strength.

I’ll show you some examples of famous athletes who used hypnosis and the results they obtained.

Let’s start with the icon of basketball: Michael Jordan. According to a NBA head coach, the Chicago Bulls practiced hypnosis every day when they won their 6 NBA championships.

The ‘spice boy’ David Beckham, the English national football team captain during several years used hypnosis to confront some of his personal issues.

Tiger Woods has used hypnosis since his childhood. In his case, he used it to help him to improve his concentration. Now we know him as one of the living legends of golf. It seems hypnosis worked for him.

There are some other stories about the success of hypnosis for sportspeople, like Rod Carew’s.

Rod was a very popular baseball player. One day he suffered an injury and after a time it had been healed according to his doctors; but according to him the injury was still there. Then, Rod consulted a hypnotist and received instructions about how to master self-hypnosis. When he came back to play, he was able to reach a batting score of almost .400 and was awarded with ‘The Most Valuable Player’.

Another example of athletes using hypnosis is Mary Lou Retton, whose story is very

interesting. She was in the finals of women’s gymnastics on the 1984 Olympics. It’s known that on the night before she was rehearsing her performance, but lying in bed!

She visualized herself performing her routines several times perfectly and imagined every single move, every single detail again and again. The result couldn’t have been better: she won! And then came one of the most powerful statements the world have ever heard: “your mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality.   So what you picture in your mind, the body can achieve”.

You can find more and more stories of sportspeople using hypnosis as a way to relax, reduce stress, pain control and performance enhancement.

These people mentioned above are just a few. Before crucial games, to control pain, to visualize victory, to eliminate distractions and focus on the target, are some of the possibilities that many sportspeople have found by using hypnosis.

If it worked for them, it can work for others.

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